Free Health Movement uses Block Chain technology for creating immutable data points and Crowd Intelligence along with Machine Learning for the creation of diagnostic and treatment parameters.

Doctors who wish to enroll should upload their credentials and complete an online training module on the use of the system. Doctors serve as nodes and do voluntary clinical tasks and win FHM Credits (coins) which can be redeemed for academic/career advancement. Hospitals that agree to abide by the principles of outcome-based care can enroll.

To begin with the system will cater only to elective treatments and procedures. Patients with diagnosed conditions can log in their information and one of the volunteering doctors will be assigned to them, who will interact with them and upload the details of their condition. An outcome consensus is arrived at by a network of expert doctors and measurable outcome parameters are set.

Local hospitals will be allowed to bid for delivering the outcome and patient will be allowed to choose between two low bids. During the care period hospitals will be required to enter full details in an ongoing manner and will be paid based on outcome parameters achieved and not on the basis of procedures completed. Patient satisfaction will be one of the parameters.